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The Advantages of Attending Golf Schools

Golf schools are becoming more popular for many reasons, the first being that they offer participants a distinct advantage over people who are determined to teach themselves. People who begin learning the wrong way have great difficulty correcting these bad habits later, but beginners who enroll in golf schools have the opportunity to experience proper guidance, direction, and training from the very beginning. Students are also provided with important golfing principles and insights into the sport and the right kind of expert guidance, direction, and training necessary to take their game to the next level.

Learning how to correctly swing, make shots, follow the proper rules and etiquette, and discovering individual specialization means that you will be able to avoid the most common stumbling block of beginning golfers, repeating the same mistakes multiple times. A Qualified instructor can help students to identify and correct mistakes and discover which areas of the game they need to work on the most and which ones they have already mastered or are currently excelling in. Since they are already well aware of the see strengths and weaknesses, it will be easy for them to track their progress and ask for valuable feedback from their instructors.

Golf schools organize programs and classes that have clear, structured objective sets designed to offer both motivation and direction, allowing learning to occur in a more natural, low pressure setting. The top golf schools know that players have high standards when it comes to their golf instruction, which is why these schools offer the most up to date facilities, equipment, and teaching methods to their students in order to provide them with the best possible advantage. Instructors and trainers work to identify areas of improvement for each individual student, and encourage them to strive toward improved performance and greater enjoyment and appreciation of the game and the skills required to really excel.

Golf schools require a large commitment in the form of both study and practice, which is why anyone who has never had a formal lesson should consider enrolling in a short course to prepare themselves for the intense practice and learning they will experience during their time at a golf school. Beginners, especially, should consider lessons and golf schools as essential steps in their goal of becoming more skilled, but the fact is that everyone can benefit from lessons and coaching, which is why golf schools really are advantageous for all truly serious and committed players, regardless of skill level.


Golf Course Equipment Basics: Winter Storage

Small engine vehicles, like golf carts, lawn mowers and trucksters, need the same care and maintenance as a car or truck. Owners tend to forget that putting a golf cart or mower away for the winter requires the same care as if you were planning to store a vehicle for an extended amount of time. Too often carts are stored away in some corner of the garage without much thought given to how well they will start up when the weather improves. Golf cart owners figure that hiding them away in a shed or garage, clear from the winter elements is sufficient. Not quite. Even if your golf cart or mower is new, they still require some maintainance. In fact, getting them to start up trouble-free from season to season requires you follow a few points of due-diligence.

First, gather up the equipment you will need to properly put your golf cart in storage for the winter. This equipment includes a wrench, a few bottles of distilled water, some cleaning rags, gloves for you, goggles for your eyes, a hydrometer (it measures the gravity of the electrolyte solution) and a voltmeter (to measure voltage). You may want to throw in some baking soda and vaseline as well.

The following are measures you can take to ensure your golf cart or course mower starts up again as spring comes around.

1. Read the manufacturer's maintenance guide

Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Don't try to tinker with the small engine if you've never handled one before. If you notice anything unusual, take your golf cart or mower to the nearest dealer for an inspection. Don't wait until spring to have your small engine checked.

2. Remove the battery

Before storing your golf mower or cart for the winter, remove the battery and disconnect it from the battery cable. Store your battery in a safe place, away from heated elements, gas or furnace. Wipe it clean and brush off the battery terminal with a metal brush. Check for any cracks or borken elements. If the manufacturer recommends special cleaning solutions for your battery, give it a good cleaning before putting it away. If there are no spcial instructions, distilled water should do the trick. Avoid using corrosive cleaning chemicals. Most golf cart or mower problems are due to poorly maintained batteries.

3. Store in a safe, covered location

Store your golf cart or mower away from heaters, furnaces and gas containers. Also ensure that it is not place near any open windows where water damage may occur.

4. Put it away clean

Clean your cart or mower before storing it. Wash off any leaves, grass, residual soil, dried or wet mud, and moisture pockets from both the main exterior and underneath. Wipe off grass and dirt from around the blade using a long-handled brush - Do not use your bare hands! When you clean your mower, unplug the spark plug lead wire, wind it up gently and tape it together.

5. Remove remaining fuel

You should finish off any fuel that is remaining in your tank (if it uses fuel) or add a fuel preserver before storage. Read the instructions for the fuel preserver carefully before using. After adding it plug your mower or cart and let the engine run for a few minutes. This should give the fuel preserver enough time to go through the carburetor. One good thing about fuel preservers (also called stabilizers) is that they keep the fuel fresh in the engine for as long as half a year. You can now turn off the engine.

Follow these simple steps for storage and your golf cart or mower will start up in a snap.

~ Ben Anton, 2008


Golf Beginner Free Tips-how To Improve Quickly Without Even Changing Your Swing

Today, golf beginner free tips are very popular, because many people want to improve their golf swings. With the ever increasing amount of popularity of the golf game today, many people are taking to the Internet to find free tips to help them quickly and easily improve their swing.

Ultimately, by far the best way to improve your golf game is by repetitive practice. In fact, when scouring the internet, you have to be careful you don't too much and therefore get information overload with all the info on the golf swing available.

However, there are still some great free trips that will help you to quickly and easily improve your game. Here are some great tips to help you quickly improve your game starting today.

First of all, start out by getting in contact with your local country club, and asking about getting beginner free lessons.
There are many people at the local course that will help you to start improving your game, and this is certainly something you should do. While I can certainly give you some basic tips here that will help you, ultimately everybody's golf swing is different. Therefore, getting golf beginner tips from your local pro will certainly pay dividends down the road.

Therefore, something that works for somebody might not ask the work for you. The best way to quickly improve your game is to take a lesson.

In fact, this is highly recommend, because if you don't, you can actually start practicing the wrong swing, and get into a lot of bad habits that will hurt you for the rest of your golf career. The more you practice the wrong swing, the harder it will become to fix it down the road. However, if you your swing right in the beginning, this can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Also, try to find any beginner golf instruction that might be available on the Internet. There are many free videos you can watch to help you to quickly improve your game, by websites that are simply giving away information.

One of the most important golf beginner free tips you can do is to be positive on the golf course. Quite simply, most golfers constantly criticize themselves for making mistakes, and therefore don't even notice themselves making progress. Immediately after you hit any golf shot, immediately tell yourself the good things he did, and only after that should you focus on the things you want to improve.

A great way to tell how well you did with the mental game is if you have more energy when you leave the golf course when you first get started. Most golfers leave the course exhausted from constantly beating themselves up during the round.

However, when you tell yourself the good things you do, you'll notice yourself having more energy when you leave the golf course then when you actually began. These golf beginner free tips will be a great starting point as you embark on learning the incredible game of golf.


How To Find Men's Golf Shoes That Will Help Your Golf Game

The right type of golfing shoe is essential to the game of golf. If you are a golfer and take your game seriously then you probably wear the right type of shoes. Wearing these types of shoes isn't required but will help you when you golf. Some golf courses however are strict on the type of shoe you wear on their courses. Most men usually beginners don't wear golf shoes. Most of those men do not know the importance of a good pair of golfing shoes either. Most of the men out there would probably play in their running or walking shoes rather then spend more money on a pair of shoes just for golfing.

The whole point to buying a pair of golf shoes is when you are swinging you don't want to slide. When you are taking your swing it provides you with stability and comfort for your big swing. There are spikes on the bottoms of these shoes which give even more traction. It provides you with traction after a rainy day on the course. If you think golfing shoes are not for you then wait till you slip on the green then you will know why they are good for you.

When you are looking for the best type of shoe you should consider a few things. You will first need to determine how much room you need in your shoes. The next thing is how hard your swing is. If you stand wide then you need a shoe that grips if you stand regularly then you can probably get any type of shoe. The type of shoe for players with a wider stance is those for an open soled shoe. The last thing your shoe will need is support and to fit properly. You should consider that buying a shoe made of special materials is good too.

Golfing shoes come in all sizes sorts and colors. Over the past couple of years the golf shoe has changed a lot. If you are still going to wear regular shoes when you are golfing at least need to wear a type of shoe that has good grip. You never will want to wear shoes that have a slick bottom and could cause you to slip and fall while you are golfing. When you golf and as you swing your feet probably turn and you will need traction or you could really hurt yourself.

The best type of shoe you should wear when you golf is the one that will grip and give you your swing the most. You do not want a golf shoe that slips when you swing because you could be trying for a record drive and slip and fall hard and really hurt yourself, so be careful when choosing your golfing shoes.


How To Choose The Right Golf Bag To Buy For You

Although a golf caddy is a traditional part of golf, someone who carries the golfer's bag and gives him/her invaluable tips and insights into the game, gone are the days when caddies used to carry the golf bags around. These days most golfers in amateur golf carry their own bags or drive around in golf carts.

While being a player your body goes through great tension while playing an eighteen hole, the added pressure of carrying a bag may have its own toll on you. This is why you must zero in on a golf bag that is designed well, can be carried well, serves your necessities and last but not the least matches your style.

Golf bags are available from the sports suppliers to designers like Christian Dior. You may even have your golf bag tailor made as per your requirement. In general there are three types of golf bags.

Carry Bag: Also known as travel bags, these are the smallest and are made of light material for example plastic or nylon. If you carry your bag while you play, these bags come handy with few basic pockets for clubs and balls. Travel bags also have stands and back straps so that the bag can stand up when you are playing and that you can carry it on your back. There are different sizes and shapes of carry bags and come in different price ranges.

Tour Bags: Also known as staff bags, these are the largest of the golf bags. It can store the complete set of fourteen golf cubs and suitable for serious golfers and professionals. Generally caddies carry tour bags as these weigh considerably. Tour bags are expensive and are generally made of leather.

Cart Bags: Cart bags are relatively smaller than tour bags and are perfect for golf carts. These have less space than tour bags but more than the carry bags. But cart bags are bulkier than carry bags.

How do know which one to buy?

Let's look at certain features that are indispensable in golf bags while you choose one to buy.

In golf bags when it comes to pockets the more, the merrier. You will need pockets for your golf balls, your towels, your divot tool, extra tees, an umbrella and not to mention your golf clubs.

You may want to have a golf bag with a hood to protect your clubs, etc in the event of a rain.

How well compartmentalized is your golf bag? You wouldn't want your golf clubs tugging for space and wearing off the grips in the process. Compartments for different clubs will help in keeping your golf bag organized.

Whether your golf bag has a stand or not could also be a deciding factor. It is always easier to pick up a club from a bag that can stand on its own while you are playing.

Finally don't forget the style factor. Let your golf bag sport your color and pattern.

Yes, golf bags are a must if you are planning to take up golf. You can start of with a carry bag and progress to a staff bag later. Enjoy your golf without hurting your back by sporting the correct golf bag!


How To Choose The Right Golf Wedge

Improving your short game is something that can be most effectively accomplished through intensive instruction at a golf academy. In addition to the golf academy experience, anyone can improve their short game by choosing the right golf wedge. If you have ever watched a pro tournament, you have noticed that players can hit shots in succession with each one stopping just inches away from the hole.

If you have wondered how this is possible, well, the golf wedge is the answer to this question. Golf wedges are clubs that are specially tailored and designed for the short game, which makes sense when you consider that approximately 70 percent of shots in a golf game are done from within 150 to 100 yards in. In other words, it is all well and good that you can drive over 250 yards from the tee, but it will not help you in your short game.

If you only have one wedge currently, you should definitely consider the purchase of more wedges to be essential, and if you are smart enough to bring your wedges with you during your next golf academy course, you will be able to learn the correct techniques for, and specializations of, each type in greater detail. If you have between 15 and 20 feet, for example, then you will want a lofted club, or one that has a face angled back from the vertical, like a sand wedge.

The loft of a wedge and the groves on the face of the club both work together to produce a spin rate, since the loft of a wedge is just another way of measuring the angle at which it hits the ball of off the ground, which in turn determines the trajectory of the ball and the amount of roll it produces. This is the reason why golf wedges are offered in degrees that vary from 47 to 64 degrees in order to better cater to surface conditions, as well as the distance and angle required to reach that distance.

What your golf academy instructor will tell you, and what all pros and serious golfers know, is that Golfers with a low handicap, less than ten strokes over par should have four wedges. Mid handicap golfers in the 11-25 handicap bracket should have three wedges, and golfers that are new with a 26 handicap or higher should begin with both a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.


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